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What our customers are saying

pink clay mask

Customer Testimonials

Amazing!! Started with the mud mask and couldn't stop!! Now my shelf is full of these lovely smelling, gentle, natural products. Love the environmentally friendly packaging too!! My skin looks and feels great couldn't be happier.

Customer Testimonial:  Lisa McWilliams

night cream

I love how it makes my skin feel, the smell, and how affordable these products are..and NZ MADE!

Customer Testimonial:  Adele Santy

puffy eye remover

I have tried so many products...some would cause breakouts and some would make my skin look like I had had a chemical peel! 😳 I have been using the Skin Essentials range for 2 weeks now and have had no reactions and my skin has never felt so good! The redness I thought was just the way my skin was, has lessened, and my pores are smaller. The price makes it affordable too ❤️

Customer Testimonial:  Nikki Gisby



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